The Moonman launches legal action against SCA for lost wages

Lawrence Mooney is suing SCA for over $1million according to The Australian (subscription required).

Mooney’s contract at Triple M Sydney was terminated at the end of last year less, than one year into a fixed term contract that signed him to head the breakfast show working alongside Chris Page and Jess Eva.

 The Supreme Court action is due to begin tomorrow with Mooney represented by Sydney-based media and ­employment lawyer John Laxon.

According to court documents Mooney was advised by letter of his termination, and told that SCA would pay his base wage for a period up to, and including, November 12, 2021.

According to his lawyers, “At no time during the term of the ­contract did Mooney commit any act that would entitle SCA to terminate and/or that could be relied upon by SCA as at the date of the ­purported termination to ­terminate”.

They have said SCA not only breached Mooney’s fixed-term contract meaning a loss of his base salary of $1,083,333.29 plus GST, but also the chance to earn any applicable incentive fees.

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