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Is This Thing On?

Wednesday 28 April, 2010

American radio announcer and voiceover artist Robin Marshall has put together a book of US radio's best blooper stories called Is this Thing On. A proportion of the cover price will go to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation charity.

It is a compilation of radio industry people's 'real life-nightmares', 'first gigs' and where they are today. "It's funny, embarrassing  and warm," says Marshall.

The stories in the book are good, as are follow up comments on her website, including Dick Summers' rememberence of a worst experience: "The night I quit, the receptionist (on whom I had an eye, but no fingers) stood in front of the studio window and did a slow strip.”

Read about the collected faux pas and embarrasing stories from the radio industry in America just to see if we are any better than they are!

Feel free to post your best Blooper or Worst Moment story in the comments box.

Click the link below to order the book online.


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28 April 2010 - 4:30am
Quite a few close radio friends have heard my 'gem' a number of times BUT for those who haven't, here's the scaled down version which is 100% TRUE.....I was on-air one Saturday morning in the late 90's anchoring the then 6 hour Leisure & Pleasure Programme on the former 5DN here in Adelaide. During an ad break in the 2 hour Gardening Show (featuring studio experts + guests) I decided to also include the latest golf update from the US which featured a number of Aussies. I pre-read the piece off-air first, noting American golfer Fred Funk (caution !) was playing. Anyhow, at the appropriate time I segued to the latest from Augusta, Georgia and passed the Fred Funk part with flying colours, only to stuff up the final sentence by stating a particular Aussie golfer "had missed the c...", I meant to say 'cut'. My studio friends (male & female) literally fell off their seats, my heart started pounding not believing what I had just said, my producer almost wet herself AND I was later told by those witnessing the event, they have NEVER seen anybody react so quickly. Yes folks, under a massive pile of papers scattered over the old 5DN Paul Kirk board, I found the DUMP button in 3 seconds flat and my blooper NEVER went to air across Adelaide. If only the listeners knew and I guess IF you were one of them on that particular Saturday morning, I've just let you in on my classic slip of the tongue episode !

IAN in Adelaide
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