Tired of the Melbourne breakfast radio wars? A new beef has started at night time

Inspired ostensibly by the row between rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamarand perhaps also by the breakfast radio wars in Melbourne, Nova 100‘s Late Drive hosts Ben, Liam and Belle decided to take aim at Jimmy and Nath‘s Hit Network night show.

Ben, Liam and Belle kicked things off with a diss track towards the Hit Network boys. Jimmy and Nath heard it and handed the beef back to them, literally.

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Then Jimmy and Nath came up with a diss track reply of their own, country style.

We’ll see how this progresses. It’s been a while since Melbourne radio stations have been so willing to talk about each other.

One last thing though.

As Drake and Kendrick Lamar feuded back and forth some smarty pants went to Google Maps and put “owned by Kendrick” on Drake’s famous mansion in Ontario.

Ben, Liam and Belle’s diss track mentioned that Jimmy and Nath have so little exposure that they don’t even have a Wikipedia page. Looks like the Hit Network boys have remedied that!









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