Will and Woody back to Share My Mood

KIIS Network Drive Show hosts Will & Woody are back with a second season of Share My Mood, the podcast first started in 2021 to have conversations about mental health after Will McMahon talked openly about his own struggles on air.

Each podcast episode in season 2 features a long form interview with a guest, allowing the duo a deeper dive into that person’s life, successes and failures than what they can during their shorter radio breaks.

McMahon said of bringing the podcast back:

“We love understanding the inside of other people’s minds. We love it when they get vulnerable on this show, and we love inviting them to sit down and share their mood with us. We’ve had some amazing people who have willingly come onto the show and been really transparent with us.” 

Woody Whitelaw added:

“Personally, I would prefer our show to be entirely poo and fart jokes, but apparently ‘the bosses’ won’t allow it. Thankfully, Will and I also love chatting with our favourite friends of the show and we love to learn more about them and ourselves in the process. That way, I’m allowed to do more poo and fart jokes.”

Season 2 kicks off with with Wil Anderson, who has shared how his debilitating hip pain has impacted his career and the importance of privacy in his life. Kate Langbroek’s episode is also now available too about her son’s cancer journey and how she works with men amid the domestic violence crisis. Other guests this season will include social influencer Maria Thattil, , comedian Stephen K Amos, actor & singer Ayesha Madon and marathon swimmer Diana Nyad.

New episodes are out every Thursday wherever you get your podcasts. You can also hear snippets each day on Will & Woody on KIIS 1065, KIIS 101.1, KIIS 97.3 and Mix102.3 from 4-6PM, on 96FM from 5-6pm or on iHeartRadio.

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