Tom Webster will leave Edison Research to join Sounds Profitable in June

A couple of weeks ago, SVP at Edison Research, Tom Webster, announced that he would be leaving the company this month to “…double down on digital audio, and podcasting in particular.”

Webster has just announced that, on June 1st, he is joining Sounds Profitable as Partner, teaming up with Bryan Barletta.

As a part of that, I Hear Things and its companion podcast will then be under the umbrella of Sounds Profitable, where he will be a regular contributor.

He says, “Ultimately, Bryan and I have a shared vision to improve podcasting by tirelessly advocating for transparency, access, inclusion, and fair play. We want podcasts to be measured accurately and consistently.

“We want the core fundamentals of the podcast business to be available to anyone who wants to learn them. We want creators and executives at the highest levels in podcasting to be as diverse as the incredible audience for podcasting. And we want podcasting companies and independents alike to be able to profit from their efforts in a fair marketplace.”

The new Sounds Profitable is going to be founded on four basic pillars:

  • Insightful Content about all aspects of the industry, from Bryan, Tom, and an incredibly diverse collection of the brightest minds in podcasting
  • Industry-Leading Research starting with their first study, The Creators, and the new Sounds Profitable Quarterly Research Series, designed to answer the most pressing industry questions, with free and open access for all
  • Unmissable Events, where content producers, account managers, brand managers, and executives representing both buyers and sellers can interact, learn from each other, and make deals
  • Peerless Advisory Services from Bryan and Tom, designed to keep companies in touch with the state of the art in the podcasting business

Webster is due to speak at Radiodays Europe beginning this weekend in Malmö, presenting Edison’s session on It’s all in the Facts & Figures.

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