Triple M aims to blanket Albany

Triple M is calling on southern WA residents to ‘Blanket Albany’ and provide new blankets to assist the homeless with winter just around the corner.

New Triple M Albany breakfast announcer Atlas Cook (pictured) said:

“I’m so glad that I can be a part of such an amazing cause in Albany. I hope that everyone can come together as a community and help.”

Local drop off points for new blankets are:

  • Triple M Albany, 171 Albany Street, Albany
  • Harvey Norman, 5 Brooks Garden Blvd, Albany
  • The Empty Bobbin, 319-331 Albany Hwy, Albany

Blanket donations will be accepted until 14 June. Triple M Albany will host a live broadcast on Saturday 15 June at the Albany Town Hall between 8am – 10am to display the donated blankets before they are given to local charities for distribution.


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