Triple M Cairns is asking you to Walk Away

Triple M Cairns has joined forces with AFL Cairns to promote a campaign to Walk Away from one punch violence following two recent fatalities in the FNQ city.
Concerned that the message is still not cutting through to men and woman around the country the campaign is asking “…you to ‘Walk Away’ when the situation gets out of hand.
“Stop before the swings start, stop before you make the biggest mistake of your life – stop your mates before it begins – ‘Walk Away’ 
“Stop it before it affects the life of your family, your best mate – you.”
Fronting the campaign is Triple M’s breakfast announcer, Elliott Lovejoy, who told radioinfo We’re essentially trying to create the conversation around getting people to walk away before a situation turns violent.
“We’ve had two deaths recently here from booze filled attacks and the community is understandably frustrated as it’s such an avoidable thing. By all means go out and have a good time, but please looks after yourself and others”.




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