Triple M launches new pie in time for the footy finals


Australia was built on them.

Generations of young Australian’s have dined out on them. From the humble school tuck shop to the pie with mushy peas at Harry’s Cafe de Wheels to the wanky inner city variety with truffle oil, sweet potato mash and a jus of bearded hipster.

We just love em.

And the best place to eat a pie? At the Footy.

So to celebrate this great Aussie icon, Triple M has joined forces with the legendary Four’N Twenty to create a limited edition pie, just in time for the finals.

The limited edition Chicken Parma Pie was handpicked by the guardians of gastronomic diversity – Triple M’s loyal listeners.

From 31 August your favourite pub meal of bird, cheese and ham comes in the convenience of a pastry bowl with a lid.

It’ll be on sale at the footy stadiums, of course, 750 Coles Express stores across Australia (RRP $3.50) and wherever good pies are sold. Probably.

Do your tummy a favour.

Whack The Triple M Footy Pie into your piehole and make the world a better place. But be quick – only on sale till the last one gets scoffed. 

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