United Party’s Clive Palmer hangs up on 2UE Breakfast team

Clive Palmer, leader of the Palmer United Party terminated his interview with 2UE Breakfast presenters John Stanley and Garry Linnel short on Friday after a question was put to him about money that the party allegedly owed to a NSW sign making business.
Palmer denied the claims, labeling them as Murdoch propaganda.
Stanley asked, “What about the small businesses like the sign writers in New South Wales that are still owed thousands of dollars for making Palmer United Party signs for the last election still waiting for the money?”
“Well that’s just bullshit. That’s not true. There’s no action against us, there’s no letter of demand. Its just Rupert Murdoch and Hedley Thomas and those boys getting together making up another story.”
The last straw for Palmer came when Linnel commented, “There seems to be a few small businesses around NSW saying you’ve got short arms and long pockets.”
“It’s just bullshit mate. I’ll see you later, bye bye.”
The interview was based around claims by the Liberal Party that the Palmer United Party had outspent it 4 to 1 on advertising costs for the Western Australian senate election.
This is not the first time Palmer has hung up on air. On 28th August last year, Palmer cut short his interview with 774 ABC host Jon Faine after being probed about two of his Party’s candidates court appearances on allegations of violence against women.