VeriCorder offers new service for Freelance Journalists

Canadian company VeriCorder Technology is combining its mobile journalism technology with a new service for freelance journalists.? The service, called FindStringers, will be unveiled to media companies at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam.


FindStringers is an advanced system designed to connect media companies with freelance journalists. Far more than just a listing service, FindStringers allows companies to locate stringers on a map, hire them, and integrate them instantly into their newsroom system.

FindStringers also gives stringers a place to sell their work, and an easy, effective way to pitch stories to news directors around the world. The system includes VeriCorder’s mobile reporting system for iPhone and iPod Touch, called 1st Video, the most sophisticated mobile reporting tool on the market today. 1st Video allows users to record and edit HD video into stories suitable for broadcast, and features a full audio editor as well for radio. 1st Video can be integrated directly into most newsroom systems.


VeriCorder founder Gary Symons is a 22-year veteran journalist who worked in print, radio and television for CBC News, Thomson News and Hollinger, and also worked as a ‘stringer’ for Canadian Press and the Vancouver Sun. He has worked both as an assignment editor and a reporter, and has seen the problems faced by both sides.

“I wanted to find an easy solution that works for media companies and for stringers. FindStringers gives both parties the tools they need to work together easily. We provide accelerated transport for large media files; we protect the security of the media company’s networks; and we make it extremely easy to find, hire, and work with qualified journalists, anywhere in the world.”


VeriCorder is offering free one-year subscriptions to its service during a pre-registration period, until Sept. 30. Company accounts are always free. Journalists and companies can pre-register at

FindStringers’ instant hiring service is for freelance journalists, photographers, videographers, radio reporters and voiceover artists. Newsdesks and media editors find you by mapping a stringer’s current location and by searching by specialty and qualifications or respond to posted assignments.


FindStringers works on a commission basis only, on completed sales made through our site.?  The company is on display at IBC Amsterdam, Booth 2A10