Vijay Solanki discusses RadioApp

Southern Cross Austereo recently launched a new, free mobile app, aptly named (pardon the pun) RadioApp, and aimed at making listening to live radio easier than ever before. Story here.

radioinfo caught up with SCA’s, Director of Digital and Innovation, Vijay Solanki to discuss and review the new app.

What we are announcing is a BETA version of the product, so far the internal feedback has been great but we are encouraging people to download it and trial it for themselves – it’s a much more collaborative approach to innovation.”

With a number of SCA, Fairfax, ABC and digital stations available on the app there are already discussions about adding more.

“This app represents an opportunity to build a neutral platform for many radio stations and audio content creators. We’d love Nova and ARN brands to be part of this, which we are in the process of exploring. We just had to start somewhere.”

Does that include podcasts?

“Yes, this is not just about radio stations. There is the opportunity to look at podcasts. There are two things we want from this launch, getting more providers on to it and feedback.”

Do you see the availability of radio apps as a threat to local stations?

“It is not designed to be threatening, it’s about creating choice… also, apps for the younger generation are the norm it’s their expectation.”

I am not part of the younger generation but have a smart phone and downloaded the app and loved it for this reason, access to the digital stations.

We don’t own a radio in our house, we prefer to stream, purely because we all have smart phones and computers and no room for a radio on the kitchen bench – the nutribullet took it’s place.

I sat my phone on my BOSE iPod dock and pumped More Digital  – loving the 80’s and 90’s in stereo sound.

For those after a more technical review it delivers on its promise of “an intuitive interface, designed specifically for ‘connected listening’, enabling users to discover their favourite stations more easily than ever before with the app’s unique ‘1-swipe’ experience”.

It is so easy your grandma could use it.

RadioApp’s BETA version is available for free now via the Apple and Google Play app stores.

There you go.

I’m going back to my lounge room to work on my 80’s moves – pump up that volume.
Kim Napier

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