Want to revisit the Sunbury Pop Festival in 2024? You can but be quick

It’s been more than 50 years since the iconic and Music Victoria Hall of Fame inducted Sunbury Pop Festival was held for the first time on a private farm in Victoria. Now the Hume City Council is celebrating the anniversary with Sunbury ’24 featuring a great many of the original acts. The best part is that tickets are just $30 plus a small booking fee.

The 1972 show cost just $8 to attend and included:

  • Blackfeather
  • The Capytain Matchbox Whoopee Band
  • Carson
  • Chain
  • Greg Quill and Country Radio
  • Healing Force
  • Highway
  • The Indelible Murtceps AND Spectrum (you know what I mean!)
  • The La De Das
  • Max Merritt and the Meteors
  • Wendy Saddington
  • SCRA
  • Tamam Shud
  • Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs
  • Wild Cherries – and many more

2024’s festival will feature:

  • Ross Wilson & The Peaceniks
  • Richard Clapton
  • Joe Camilleri & The Black Sorrows
  • Bob ‘Bongo’ Starkie Skyhooks Show
  • Margret Roadknight
  • Spectrum
  • Chain
  • Madder Lake
  • Emma Donovan
  • Karen Lee-Andrews
  • Sheldon Riley and MC Dave Eastgate

So many of the above were the soundtrack to our stations and youth. Sunbury ’24 will be held at Sunbury on Saturday April 13, 2024 from 2-9pm AEST (as we old rockers need an early bedtime). I’d grab tickets now while they’re still available.


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