Wave FM’s Damien Leith is about to release a new single, with a bit of help from his co-host

Wave FM’s Breakfast Show host, Singer-Songwriter and 2006 Australian Idol winner Damien Leith has been working behind the scenes on his brand-new song SUPERHUMAN.

The stomping Irish folk-pop song tells the story of a couple who become superhuman by escaping the mundane and following their dreams.

Damien’s co-host Jade Tonta has made it her mission to create the greatest music video ever, despite having zero experience.

Jade has taken her music director role very seriously, not only will this clip be showcasing the incredible talent that is one Damien Leith, she also wants to highlight and show off the breathtaking sights, attractions and local businesses as well as the amazing people who live in  the Illawarra.

They are looking for: 

  • Two main characters
  • Stacks of extras
  • Local Businesses to reach out if they wish to feature

To find out more and to sign up:  JADE MAKES A MUSIC VIDEO – Wave FM 96.5

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