LiSTNR’s new sensory non-music audio

LiSTNR has launched Sound States, a series of ‘sensory non-music audio’ that influences mood states of listeners, a concept that has found cult popularity among young audiences.

Sound States was a concept conceived in-house and presented at SCA’s The Lab Contest as part of its innovation program. SCA’s own research found that more than two thirds of its under 35 audience have heard of sensory non-music audio and use it to influence their mood.

Two Sound States have launched on LiSTNR with more to come, one for Focus, that uses ‘brown noise’ which is generated by decreasing the power, while increasing the frequency of white noise.

Just like colours of light are discriminated by their frequencies, there are different colours of noise and although varied, these colours are specified by their power density across frequencies.

The other is Sleep, that uses ambient noise.

LiSTNR has engaged with cross functional experts at SCA such as audio producers, research, and digital product specialists and partnered with Memu at Uncanny Valley, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered music engine, to leverage its award-winning AI software for this experiment.

Head of Corporate Strategy, David Prime, says, “Sound States is the second winning idea from our Lab Contest which encouraged SCA staff to share innovative ideas for LiSTNR and received more than 400 entries across 65 offices nationwide over a six-week period. The first winner was our successful podcast series Stories of Us.

 “Sound States is testament to SCA’s focus on innovation and is an experiment leveraging AI to bring innovative concepts in audio to our listeners as well as drive new audiences to LiSTNR. We will continue to innovate in the audio space to add value to our listeners and reach new listeners.”

Head of Digital & Innovation, Chris Johnson, says, “In this first for LiSTNR, we have worked with Memu’s AI to create audio playlists to enhance targeted mood states of listeners. This is a growing area of audio that particularly appeals to younger audiences. Sensory non-music audio is a genre made up of autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR, a tingling sensation that usually begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, plus binaural beats, coloured noise, and ambient sounds.”

Memu Founder and CEO, Charlton Hill, says, “Uncanny Valley is delighted to partner with SCA to create the FocusSound States channel for LiSTNR. Not only is it a chance to work together in the growing field of sonic wellbeing but also an experiment to highlight the infinite possibilities of ‘fit for purpose’ generative music that incorporates artist contributions in a truly scalable and trackable way.

“We are committed to ensuring the Australian music industry maintains pace with global efforts in finding tech driven opportunities and new revenue streams for artists.”

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