We can reach listeners in new ways: Andrew Morris discusses community radio’s iHeartRadio alliance #CBAAConf

Dynamic data and being able to be found outside your listening area, are two of the big wins for the community radio sector since collaborating with iHeartRadio to add community stations on that app.

The CBAA’s Manager of Online Products and Services, Andrew Morris, spoke to radioinfo’s Steve Ahern at the recent conference in Melbourne, about the success of the alliance with iHeartRadio so far.

“In doing the research we have discovered that people listen to radio stations via the app on smart speakers while doing chores and cooking,” he said, quoting various articles from radioinfo, which the CBAA researched as it began moving into streaming.

The benefit for community radio of being on iHeart’s service is that stations can reach their listeners in new ways. “Maybe the station doesn’t have an app so iHeart provides them with an opportunity to hear their streams on the go.

“It also allows our stations to be heard on smart devices like Apple’s HomePod and Google or Alexa smart speakers which use iHeart to deliver audio streams.

“In-app messaging is also being used to reach out directly to listeners for support through radiothons or membership.”

24 stations are currently on the iHeartRadio platform, and more are expected to be added over time. They represent community radio across the country.



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