We have a winner!

Congratulations to NXFM’s Dan Hill who knows ‘Who’s in the Studio?’

Dan Hill, Music Director and afternoon presenter on Newcastle’s NXFM has won a pair AKG K141MKII headphones to call his very own in Week one of Who’s in the Studio?

Dan says, “Thanks so much to radioinfo for this amazing competition. Everyone knows ‘station cans’ are always dirty and never work, so glad to win a shiny new pair of AKG K141’s! Headphones are an announcers equivalent of a tradie’s power drill… totally essential!

“Cheers again guys! You rock!”

Dan was the first entry selected able to correctly name the celebrities in the studio pics published on radioinfo on all five days of the competition.

The correct answers were…

Monday:               David Guetta

Tuesday:              Matt Moran

Wednesday:         Guy Sebastion and Tim Ross

Thursday:             Keith Scott and Robyn Moore from Cactus

Friday:                  Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field

You have chance to win a pair of AKG’s in Week Two of Who’s in the Studio starting next Monday, October 8.