We were going to write a report about Triple M’s Sickie Day…

… but everyone at radioinfo is off sick.

No really, here’s the doctor’s certificate.

127,000 people have promised to chuck a sickie today, Friday 28 June, to support the Chaser’s efforts to keep people home in the flu season.

The Business Council of Australia has told radioinfo they would have condemned the sickie campaign for its loss of productivity, but the spokesperson is off sick and cannot give a comment.

So we asked SCA CEO Grant Blackley for a response to causing many Australians to take a sickie today. Unfortunately he was unavailable for comment. Our mole in SCA took a picture of a note on his office door.

Our spy then went around the SCA offices to try and find someone to comment. Unfortunately, they were all off sick.

The result of this promotion is…

sorry, gone home sick, can’t finish this report!

View our earlier story if you really must know about this.

Let’s hope that at least one fo the Chaser team turns up to work today to do their show.

Get well soon!



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