We’re back baby: 2XX transmission stable

In it’s 40th year of operation, Canberra community station 2XX was showing its age last week, with some transmission problems.

The good news, as tweeted by the station this week, is “We’re back baby!” Transmission has been stabilised.

The station had been experiencing problems with studio to transmisison feed, between the studios in Civic and the transmitter at Black Mountain Tower. This was intermittent to begin with but the frequency of episodes steadily increasing until the station had to be taken off air temporarily.

After a lot of investigation there was little doubt that the problem was in the lines between the studios and the transmitter and outside the station’s direct control.

However, the stability of the signal rapidly deteriorated to the point where outages were being experienced more than daily, so transmission was temporarily suspended until a new solution was implemented and stable.

That happened this week, and the station is now back on air, and sighs of relief are being breathed all round.

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