What does Hot Tomato think the Adelaide licence is worth?

Hot Tomato has signaled that it is not just interested in one little station in sunny Queensland after registering as a bidder for the Adelaide licence.

How ambitious are the company’s plans?

Radioinfo asked Managing Director Hans Torv and he sent this reply after reading the latest updates on this site about the NAB conference and Fox News.

He said:

“[I read] some interesting bits out of NAB on the site. We were particularly pleased that Rush Limbaugh was backing less ads and more content, much like Hot Tomato, and Nova.

We are an ambitious company, well staffed with talent that has worked
major markets. It would be a shame to waste that talent.”

radioinfo: How much is the Adelaide radio market worth?

Torv: There seems to be a consensus of opinion that says an Adelaide licence should be around $25m. Probably the same opinion makers that put the Gold Coast at $18m.

What is it worth? DMG put the Gold Coast at $25,750,000. All we did was
top it by $250,000.

Nine bidders will make an interesting time at the auction. And I can tell you one thing. Adelaide real estate is a lot cheaper than the Gold Coast.

radioinfo: In the USA Murdoch’s Fox News network has just announced at the NAB Radio Show that it plans to expand from TV to radio and will syndicate a radio news service. Are there any synergies here with Anna’s close relationship to News Corp? Is there a big picture here?

Torv: Though we have heard the speculation, there is no connection between Fox News and Hot Tomato Broadcasting, and none between News Corp and HTBC.