What goes up must come down

Heidi’s Cosmo Campaign is no exception.
Campaign managers, Will & Woody, have well and truly put Heidi through her paces to prove she has what it takes to be Cosmopolitan’s Fun and Fearless Female of the Year, and despite endless amounts of awkwardness, she has passed every test … until today.
Her challenge? To teach a ski lesson for a class of under-ten-year-olds.
Again, blindfolded with noise cancelling headphones, Heidi was taken to the top of a mountain in Queenstown, only to be told she was in charge of the ski education (and safety) of a group of young children.
The catch? Heidi can’t exactly ski!
Let’s not panic, though, Heidi is an adult and hit92.9 was more than confident she was up for the challenge … that was, until she started skiing downhill and was unable to stop, abandoning the young children at the top of the mountain.

Heidi wasn’t the only one snowballing, however, with Will ‘From the Slopes’ McMahon trying his luck on a European beauty, with the help of Wingman Woody.
Perhaps it was the thin air up on the mountain that made his Juliette say yes to his shocking pick-up line, but what follows is nothing short of cringe-worthy as Woody takes the reigns.

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