Which Australian announcer has the most listeners?

Move over Alan Jones, Ross Stevenson and John Burns, Kyle and Jackie O too. On any given day up to 25 million people around the world listen to Aussie Karen Jacobsen, telling them where to go.
She’s the female voice of choice on Sat Navs everywhere for even many non-Australians because of her calming, soothing tones.
Known as the GPS Girl, Karen moved to New York on July 4th, 2000 to seek her fame and fortune as a singer but was hired for a 50 hour voice over job. The result was a voice system called “Australian Karen”, now in over 100 million GPS and telephone devices all over the world. She’s also the voice of Siri
Last week 2GB’s Alan Jones tracked her down in New York and recorded this interview.

Find out more on Karen’s website http://thegpsgirl.com/


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