Wilko recovering and ready for work

Neil ‘Wilko’ Wilcock left his position as breakfast show host at Star 104.5 Central Coast in June to deal with a vascular tumour behind his left eye. The good news is that recent scans have shown the tumour is responding to treatment and shrinking in size.

Wilko would like to thank all our readers who sent him messages of support. “It was overwhelming receiving such kindness,” he has told radioinfo.

He is now looking to get back to work and for his next gig.


The result “is more than what we hoped for, managing (so far) to avoid a complicated surgery with some major risks.”

Wilko is feeling better than ever and is ecstatic about the result, but has his own theory jokingly telling radioinfo: “Shrinkage is common in winter and I guess its the same for tumours.”
He is now on the hunt for the next gig, whatever that may be: “There are only 4 seasons of the O.C. and I’ve watched them all, I s’pose I better get back to work.”