Wil’s message to Senator Corey Bernardi

 Wil Anderson joined the 2DayFM Breakfast show this morning while Dan Debuf was off sick and shared his views on the marriage equality ad.
The Marriage Alliance commercia has been removed from some networks, campaigning against marriage equality.

“I’m a big supporter of marriage equality here in Australia.”
“They’re [ad] crazy, because none of those assertions in the ad are backed up with any evidence. There is no evidence to suggest that is it actually detrimental to your children in anyway but you know….Essentially the giant ad is a lot of graphs and an iceberg and basically the whole message behind it is: Gay?!…Ewww!”
“For me, it’s really interesting because I travel the world doing stand-up comedy and now we’re the last place that I tour that doesn’t have marriage equality.”
Wil also had a message for South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi who resigned as Parliamentary Secretary in 2012 amid backlash for linking gay marriage to the soacial acceptance of having sex with animals… “What’s next, people will marry their dogs“.

“Guess what? said Wil. You’re not allowed to say that anymore…they’ve had gay marriage in Canada for over a decade and Corey? Not one dog wedding.”

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