Wood Wins Wireless of the Pure digital kind.

Popular and talented imaging producer, Robbie Wood has won the lot by getting the most right first in the Nielsen Media Research Survey #7.

Wood, now with 97.3 FM in Brisbane, has not only won a fabulous pair of high grade studio quality Ultrasone headphones for being a paid subscriber, (he’ll look just like the Nova Boy with those on his head) but also The Bug digital radio from PURE (see pic below) for having his face on Faces for Radio.

Wood was delighted with the win and told radioinfo, “I’ve made many $50,000 winner promos in my time but never actually won a thing in my life…. This is
really cool & the headphones will come handy for what I do.

This is awesome…”

We’ll be back again soon for survey #8 with another chance for you to win. By getting the order in which stations will finish Nielsen Media Research’s Survey Eight right, you could be the proud owner of the Bug, the latest and most exciting advance in radio from PURE Digital since the introduction of FM.

Or you could also win a pair of Ultrasone studio quality headphones from East Coast Audio.