Workplace misconduct legal action being prepared against Nova executive

A Nova Entertainment executive, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is at the centre of bullying, discrimination and harassment claims being prepared by Kristian Bolwell of WorkLawyers.

The workplace misconduct allegations are being prepared on behalf of 16 former employees for a potential class action.

No legal documents have yet been filed with a court or the Fair Work Commission, but Bolwell, representing the former employees, is seeking to compile the experiences of misconduct in an intake form that may lead to the civil action against the executive and the Nova group of companies.

Last year Nova launched a whistleblower program where employees could report misconduct anonymously. Nova Entertainment did not confirm whether there has been any complaints or investigations as a result of this program.

A NOVA Entertainment spokesperson has told radioinfo:

“NOVA Entertainment is not aware of the filing of any class action or other legal proceedings related to alleged workplace misconduct. NOVA Entertainment has not been served with any court documents nor has it been contacted by any legal firms in relation to any proposed class action.

“NOVA Entertainment endeavours to ensure our workplace is free of bullying and harassment, whether based on an employee’s sex, race, religion, disability or any other characteristic.

“In May 2021 we implemented Speak Up!, a new whistleblower program for employees to report any forms of misconduct as well as a new partnership with Your Call, an independent confidential service that provides a channel for reporting conduct and behaviour that falls short of our expected standards.

“We encourage anyone with concerns to contact the service.”


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