Xtra Insights gets to a century of surveys

With the results from the latest Warragul and Geelong regional radio audience measurement surveys (RRAMS) released last week, Xtra Insights has celebrated the 100th RRAMS to be released since the methodology was launched in 2014.
In that time 47 regional radio markets have been surveyed under the new methodology, with 87,000+ interviews conducted representing over 5.7 million regional Australians aged 10+.
Xtra has a long history with regional radio in Australia, both as broadcasters and researchers, and their Head of Radio Audience Measurement, Bethaney Lawler, says, “It’s encouraging to see how consistent audience measurement figures for regional radio has not only improved the standard of radio produced by regional broadcasters but also positively impacted station sales.”
107 individual commercial stations from some of the biggest networks in the country have participated in the regional surveys since 2014, including SCA, Grant Broadcasters and ACE Radio.
Prior to the introduction of the RRAMS methodology, which produces a Station Listened to Most figure, in contrast to the metropolitan market’s Share figure, audience measurement was a costly exercise for regional broadcasters resulting in irregular reporting.
Now with the frequency of results, advertisers have access to accurate, regularly updated listening figures, while programmers and air talent gain important information on the performance of the product.
Markets as small as Roma in western Queensland and as large as Geelong in Victoria are benefiting from a dedicated regional methodology which has seen many smaller markets surveyed for the first time in decades.




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