You’re wrong you half-wit… you know nothing about talk radio

After yesterday getting an “offensive” ad removed from the Macquarie Radio Network, Ray Hadley today had another spray at the ad agency that created it, at the same time espousing his philosophy about commercial talkback radio.

The ad copy, created by agency Red Crayon, began with “ever wanted to tell dad to get routed,” then went on to advertise UBD street directories as an ideal gift for Fathers Day.

“This Father’s Day, you’ve got the opportunity to do exactly that. With over 600 new roads added this year, he’ll be sure to love being told to get routed…
Hey dad, get routed.”

Hadley described the ad as offensive, and wondered “how it made it through the checks and balances of the number one radio station of what is a large network.”

After talking to managers of MRN talk stations and affiliates, Hadley was able to announce that the ad would not be heard again on his program and that it had also been taken off the network.

“We have certain standards that we adhere to here, we have a lot of fun and jokes but we don’t cross the lines of what should be decent and fair… What the advertisers should realise is that many young mums listen to my program with many young children in the car, and it’s tough enough to negotiate my way through some of the stories I have to negotiate through on air without having offensive commercials.”

Today, responding to further comments from UBD marketing director Roxy Ryan, Hadley had another spray, this time summing up his views on what makes a good talk radio program:

…that’s where you’re wrong Roxy, if an ad is played on my program that offends me and my listeners it won’t be played. Pull your head in you silly woman…

Obviously you halfwit, you know nothing about talk radio, that’s what the program’s all about. It’s about me having my say…

Given that I’ve just won my 90th survey you wet-behind-the-ears fool, I’ll keep doing it my way and I’m gratified that the managers of radio stations across Australia got the ad off air as well.


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