Australian podcast agency The Peers Project set to launch into the US

Australia’s only BIPOC-led, women owned podcast agency, The Peers Project, has raised investment from venture firm, S&P Ventures, to assist them to launch into the US market.

Founded in 2018 by CEO Michelle Akhidenor, The Peers Project closed its first investment round with the Los Angeles based venture firm. This allows the agency to launch into the American market with a specific focus on servicing Series A and B startups across the East and West coasts.

The Peers Project produces podcasts for brands including, Shopify and Alibaba, with the agency’s strategic move to launch into the U.S. market a step closer to their mission to amplify diverse stories and voices whilst achieving tangible business outcomes for brands through podcasting.


“S&P Ventures’ Co-founder Sam Mahmood has deep expertise in engineering success for cash-flowing service businesses and provides business mentorship and U.S. market experience that is unmatched.

With only 2% of venture capital going to female founders and a staggering less than 1% to Black founders, venture firms like S&P Ventures who champion and support minorities must be celebrated and acknowledged for their contribution to us minority founders who are just as capable and if not more deserving of financial support.”

Sam Mahmood, Co-Founder, Partner and Chief Business Development Officer at S&P Ventures said:

“The podcasting audience is projected to hit 500 million listeners by the end of 2024 and exceed $43 billion in revenue by 2032, signifying the substantial opportunity for businesses to capitalize on this growing trend.

Under Michelle’s leadership, The Peers Project is strategically placed to support brands across the U.S. to produce podcasts that allow them to build trust, loyalty and credibility with customers, and scale their brand to greater heights.”

The Peers Project is set for its US launch this month with its HQ in New York. You can visit the agency’s new website at

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