Facebook is now a Podcast Publisher in the USA

Facebook has become a Podcast Publisher in the U.S., a move that could be a game changer for creators.

Their new product allows people in the U.S. to listen to podcasts directly through the Facebook app with eligible creators now able to add their podcasts onto their Facebook Pages for people to listen and share.

At this time, only one Page can claim a podcast show though multiple shows can live on a single Page.

To be eligible creators

  • Must have a Facebook Page with at least one administrator.
  • Facebook Page and administrators must be in good standing on Facebook.

To add a podcast on Facebook, they will also need to acknowledge:

  • They own the content and have the necessary rights to distribute the podcast on Facebook.
  • All content follows Facebook Community Standards and ads policies.
  • They agree to Facebook’s Podcast Terms of Service.

On the Facebook Page, look for Podcasts and Add podcast

This allows creators to then add an RSS feed of the podcast

Download the Podcasts on Facebook Quick Start Guide for detailed instructions, and then let U.S. fans know.

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