Ghosts in the Machine podcast investigates the motors in cycling scandal

At the start of 2016 a 19 year old Belgian cyclist, Femke Van den Driessche lined up at the start of the Cyclo-cross World Championships unaware that she would not get to compete again.

She is the only person banned by The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) for ‘mechanical doping’, that is having a motor in her bike.

In this new podcast Ghosts in the Machine, launched Monday January 15, sports journalist Chris Marshall-Bell explores the world of cycling, interviews Van den Driessche and others embroiled in the case and investigates whether motors are used more often than we think in competitions.

Marshall-Bell is on a mission to reveal the truth around motors in cycling as he peers beneath the surface of this sports’ most scandalous discovery. He also interviews current and ex-riders, including Tour de France winners, on their thoughts.

Ghost in the Machine is available now wherever you get your podcasts and tells a story that transcends cycling, raising questions about human nature, technology, fair play and the ethics of sport.

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