Independent actual play podcast Sounds Like Adventure launches

Sounds Like Adventure, a new independent podcast created and produced by Jack Traynor brings eclectic music and original storytelling to roleplay.

Traynor, the award-winning Executive Producer at Wavelength Creative, has produced podcasts like Saving Apollo 13 and Rethinking Safety. Previously he was production director of JOY 94.9 (now JOY media).

Sounds Like Adventure follows the adventures of Odis and Sioc McUmbra (played by Jacob Surace and Chinah Wenzel), two brothers who act as private investigators in the city of Ethel Grove, a city hidden within a forest. The brothers are not just detectives, they are also members of the Runai, a secret society dedicated to stopping dangerous magical items from falling into the hands of the wrong people. But, the Runai have vanished and the brothers need to find out what happened to them.

Traynor says the podcast came about from how he was spending his outside Wavelength time:

“I was putting so much effort into my personal game. I was playing music and sound effects and ending on cliffhangers. And one day I realised for this amount of work, other people should at least be able to hear this.

“When I made that decision, and Chi and Jacob got on board, I really went a bit crazy with the amount of sound design in these episodes. But we think we’ve created something truly special.”

The original story blends fantasy and mystery elements with an anachronistic music soundtrack that blends different genres and eras.

Traynor explains:

“I think diegetic music is overrated, so the music choices are sometimes unexpected, but they always fit the theme of the show. And it really takes something that could be quite mundane and turns it into an experience.”

Sounds Like Adventure episodes run 20-40 minutes and are available now on and wherever you get your podcasts. You can also follow the show on Twitter, Instagram, and threads for updates, behind-the-scenes content, and more.

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