Laura Henshaw asks Do I Want Kids in new podcast

Recently on the health and wellness podcast KICPOD, Laura Henshaw spoke with co-host Steph Claire Smith about whether she wanted children. The response, and support from listeners has led Laura to record a limited series LiSTNR podcast Do I Want Kids? with input from people from all walks of life; from parenthood mentors to child-free advocates, relationship experts, medical specialists and her own husband Dalton Henshaw, about this sensitive and personal decision.

Henshaw said:

“I have never been inundated with more messages than after I spoke about the issue for the first time on the podcast. For women and people between the ages of 20 and 40, who don’t feel ‘born’ to be a mother or parent, there is so much shame around their decision and so many women feel alone in this feeling, when it is incredibly common.

“The fear of losing ourselves, giving up a life we love, the impact children can have on our relationships, our inner selves, are all so very common. And if we do decide to have kids, is it even possible for us? Although parenthood is a choice, it’s not always guaranteed.

Yes, this is a decision that is close to my heart right now. I have my own thoughts and reservations about having children and I wanted to create a platform for people like me to hear a wide range of different perspectives and feel less alone and better informed. I want to normalise this conversation.

Throughout the limited podcast series, with insights from experts and people’s real stories, we are able to really break through the misconception that having children is essential for a ‘successful’ life full of love and joy. Life can be beautiful both with and without children, and exploring this was incredibly freeing. I hope listeners are able to feel the same way.”

Henshaw and Smith are entrepreneurs, authors and healthy living advocates, together creating Kic. The KICPOD was launched five years ago and is in the top 50 most listened to podcasts in the Australian Podcast Ranker. The limited series Do I Want Kids is available tomorrow (Wednesday May 15) with new episodes every Wednesday and Friday for seven episodes.



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