Lenny.fm aiming to lift podcast fans and creators

Lenny.fm is a new way to support podcasts, both if you’re a fan or a creator.

Co-founder Courtney Carthy said the concept came from his experience running a podcast production company and working in the Australian music industry:

“We want to get creators to get rewarded for their work by people who value it, and help drive an overall increase in listeners supporting podcast creators, no matter which platform they choose to use. Lenny.fm works for almost any podcast, and works best for podcasts that are ongoing that have a constant presence with their audience.

“It’s incredibly meaningful as a creator when you find out someone has financially contributed to your work.

Often monetizing original podcasts means a lot more work, creating more content in addition to the podcast episodes (which is what the audience appreciated in the first place). Working in the music industry I saw artists immediately turn on revenue streams — merch, touring, sales, licensing — because it works. Many podcasts might have one revenue stream or live in hope that something will come along. Lenny.fm can be a rising tide that lifts all podcasts.”

How Lenny.fm works:

  • Listeners can choose 4 or more podcasts to support in order of preference
  • Listeners contribute US$4 a month, which is split between top 4 podcasts they chose.
  • If a podcast in their top 4 doesn’t publish an episode that month, the preferences reorder to 4 that have.
  • The podcast can choose how best to reward listeners supporting them via Lenny.fm, if they choose to.

Lenny.fm is for listeners who want to contribute to the podcasts they appreciate and Creators.Lenny.fm is for the creators to check their balance and share appreciation with supporters. As this is Version 1 Courtney is happy to chat about this product which aims to benefit the podcast & audio industry in purposeful, equitable and financially meaningful ways.

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