Merrick Watts back with a third season of Picture Discuss

Merrick Watts has returned for a third season of the ARN iHeart comedy podcast Picture Discuss.

Each episode two comedians join Watts with the trio then having to explain a backstory behind a picture they have no context for. Naturally, ridiculousness ensues. Season 3 guests include Tom Cashman, Michelle Brasier, Tom Ballard, Pete Helliar, Rhys Nicholson, Geraldine Hickey and Mel Buttle answering life changing questions like why is toe wrestling not an Olympic sport? And, is there really a championship for splicing a watermelon with your bare hands… on another person’s stomach?

Watts said:

“Picture Discuss is like a bag of mixed lollies, you never know what you’re going to get until you dive in. This season has some amazing comedians coming up with ever more ridiculous conversations about pictures that are truly ludicrous. Loved every minute.”

Picture Discuss is available now with new episodes weekly on the iHeart app or at

Watts has been out and about a bit lately. There’s the Merrick’s Idiots Guide to Wine live show, and he also stepped in when Mick Molloy ‘went missing’ from his SCA Triple M Sydney breakfast show one morning in late May. I’m wondering if a return to the airwaves is on the cards?

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