Mockumentary podcast Small Town Scandal back for a second season

Tom Sainsbury’s fun mockumentary podcast Small Town Scandal, on iHeartRadio, is back with a mysterious package sending fictional leading man Toby Buchanan to the small beach town of Ruatuna.

In the first season, Toby Buchanan became a local celebrity by solving the murder of his uncle Mitch in the small, tight-knit, fictional New Zealand town, Te Hoiho.

Toby returns to a quiet life with his girlfriend, crafting ads for the local car dealer when the package arrives. Unable to help himself, Toby investigates and finds a Ruatuna full of small-town characters who are all as suspicious as each other.

Sainsbury voices all 40 characters, saying:

“I absolutely love the quirky charm of small-town New Zealand, and getting to share all those wonderful characters with listeners last season was an absolute delight. As we dive into season two, I’m looking forward to kicking it up a notch with another quirky bunch of characters bringing more laughs, unexpected twists, and scandalous shenanigans.”

iHeartRadio Content Director, Sam Collins, said NZME is delighted to bring the podcast back for a second season:

“Tom Sainsbury’s Small Town Scandal season one was a real hit with more than 150,000 total downloads and debuting in the Top 20 of the Triton NZ Podcast Ranker. Tom’s unique approach to comedy and storytelling has struck a chord with listeners, making the podcast a standout in our diverse line-up.”

All eight episodes of the new season are now available on iHeartRadio or whenever you get your podcasts.

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