New podcast The F Word looks at the power of friendship within the homeless community

Podshape and not for profit organisation Orange Sky have created an inspiring new podcast series called The F Word, the ‘F’ meaning ‘Friends’, to shine a light on the transformative power of friendship among the homeless community.

Each episode features personal stories from individuals who have experienced homelessness, alongside the volunteers who serve them, show how friendship can lead to change and healing.”The conversations were held around Orange Sky’s mobile laundry and shower services.

Jay Walkerden, Co-founder of Podshape, said:

“Storytelling has the power to connect and heal. In a first in the podcasting landscape in Australia, these stories were recorded in parks, cars, and other places that our friends on the street call home, allowing for a truly intimate exploration of moments filled with loss, friendship, and resilience. 

 “Orange Sky show how simple acts of kindness, like sharing a conversation, can have a profound impact. We are excited to partner with them to produce ‘The F Word,’ a series that celebrates these moments of connection.”

Nic Marchesi Co-Founder of Orange Sky, said:

Teaming up with Podshape was a game-changer; their genuine care for storytelling and collaborative approach made all the difference. With their team of experts, every aspect of our podcast was crafted with precision, ensuring an immersive audio experience that sparked meaningful conversations. Podshape’s dedication to prioritising audio not only brought our project to life but also aligned perfectly with their mission of shaping the world through stories. Together, we’ve created something truly impactful, resonating with audiences and spreading messages of hope and humanity and the power of conversation”.

The F Word will be available on all major podcast platforms from Monday May 13th. You can listen to the trailer on Apple podcasts here.


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