One Minute Remaining podcast uses generative AI for Spanish translation

Acast have teamed with Wondercraft, an AI powered creative audio studio, to introduce former Australian radio personality Jack Laurence’s globally successful true crime podcast One Minute Remaining to Spanish speakers.

One Minute Remaining, hosted by Laurence, features interviews with incarcerated individuals in the United States. Since it launched in September 2022 it has had more than four million downloads, underscoring its widespread appeal.

During a visit to the Acast offices in Sydney, Guy (Guy Scott-Wilson, Acast’s Australian content director) suggested exploring a Spanish version,” Laurence said.

“While I was initially hesitant about AI in the creative space, the technology has proven incredible, allowing my show to be accessible to Spanish speakers while preserving my voice and creative vision.”

Scott-Wilson added:

“Stories created by humans, for humans, are what makes the creator economy so powerful. At Acast, we believe there is a place for generative AI to enhance that human storytelling experience, rather than replace it. AI is helping break down barriers and bring popular podcasts to wider international audiences, opening doors to new listeners worldwide, and ultimately enriching the podcast landscape.”

The Spanish-language version Un Minuto Restante is available now on all major podcast platforms.

Oskar Serrander, co-founder and CEO at Wondercraft said:

“We are on a mission to help more brands and storytellers voice their human ideas without expensive equipment or language barriers. Doing this with a fantastic creator like Jack on the leading global podcast marketplace makes us extra proud today.” 



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