Jackie O gifts Kyle more bang for a bus

With the Melbourne KIIS 101.1 launch date just over a week away, KIIS 106.5’s Jackie O has gifted Kyle Sandilands their very own tour bus which transforms into a portable broadcast studio. There’s no king sized bed though squeezed in the back, as per Kyle’s suggestion.


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Jackie O“I’ve got a surprise for you today. You know how you were banging on last year, I actually don’t think you were even saying this on-air, it was more off-the air that you really wanted the Kyle & Jackie O bus to take around when we go to Melbourne and go to events. A broadcastable bus.”

Kyle“This was after we lost the limo, I wanted to kick it up a notch. A giant bus, not some shitty little thing full of grannies going to the Pokies. I wanted a big, monster bus.”

Gerard, the bus driver, is already out and about and his parking skills are clearly exceptional.

Kyle and Jackie O launch on KIIS 101.1 at 6am on Monday April 29.

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