Season three of Savva Savas’s Plated shares more food memories

The third season of delicious podcast Plated: Three Food Memories is back with host Savva Savas exploring society, culture and social issues through personal stories connected to food memories of guests.


The new season launched with a live recording with Nat’s What I Reckon, the Australian cook, comedian, musician and mental health advocate who’s developed a dedicated online following of his cooking. The pair were recorded in Sydney with audience members getting a gourmet treat of Nat’s three food memories as he described them.

Savas said:

“We love taking the podcast to live audiences, so the listener can ‘eat along’ with the guest’s food memories – it’s a really powerful way to engage with their story. The overarching theme of the podcast is how food memories are some of the most important and powerful we can have. These memories tell us not just about what we ate, but who with, and where we were in our lives when we ate it. 


Our standout food memories are often deeply connected to our biggest life moments where we are shaped by new and formative experiences. This is why instead of asking people about their life, I ask them about their important memories of food – you can learn everything about someone by asking them that question.”


Previous high-profile guests on the podcast include Natalie Imbruglia, Hon. Tanya Plibersek MP, Garry McDonald AO, Kathy Lette, Daniel and Luke Mancuso (Yiayia Next Door), and Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, to name just a few.


“More often than not, everybody recalls one of the following; a deep memory from childhood, a moment they experienced considerable hardship or turmoil which radically changed their life, and finally, one based around joy. Very rarely does anyone remember a Michelin Star meal. Through these three moments you can learn a lot about someone where they’ve come from, what’s important to them, and where they’re heading. Food is much more than what’s on the plate, it’s an avenue to connection and self-discovery,” Savas said.


Founder of catering company Plated, Savva Savas has been creating food experiences for some of the biggest luxury businesses in Australia for more than two decades. Plated: Three Food Memories is produced in Sydney. You can listen wherever you get your podcasts and visit for more information or to join Savas at his next live event.

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