Spotify’s Inspired Unemployed let loose to market themselves

What could possibly go wrong if Spotify let The Inspired Unemployed, aka Matt ‘Falcon’ Ford and Jack Steele, do the marketing for the podcast themselves?

The duo launched the podcast exclusively with Spotify in 2021 releasing weekly a dose of banter, humorous yarns, and real conversations.

So, for the campaign, Spotify handed over its marketing to Fold and Steele, and they decided to use the billboards to give each other a serve in public.

The process, from the start, to the unveiling will be featured on the podcast as well as social channels. Steele got to go first, with his billboard unveiled this week, sledging Ford’s height, something he typically gets defensive above. Ford gets revenge in a fortnight as the billboards swap out.

Spotify’s Head of Podcasts, Ben Watts, said:

“The Inspired Unemployed podcast is one of the top performing podcasts in Australia.  It has been topping the Spotify podcast charts right from the first episode and the audience has only continued to grow since we launched in 2021, which is why we continue to invest in its success. Handing over the marketing reins to Jack and Falcs to have a very public laugh at each other is not only a perfect example as to why the podcast is so popular, but it’s also giving those yet to listen a taste of what’s to come.” 

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