The Britney Spears story explained and a new podcast series tells LGBTQIA+ stories of coming out and staying in

Nova’s new original investigative podcast Unpacked is now available to download.

Hosted by journalist Edwina Stott, season one of Unpacked investigates the saga of Britney Spears, her conservatorship and how the media, her family and the public have been complicit in Britney losing control of her career, her money and her life.

This long form podcast will cover the story through gripping investigative storytelling, exhaustive research and interviews with the people who were there, including, Perez Hilton, Daniel Ramos, the paparazzi who Britney attacked with an umbrella in 2007, Skye Sweetnam, Canadian singer-songwriter who toured with Britney in 2004 and key influencer supporting the #FreeBritney movement Hayley Herms.

Edwina Stott says, “We all know Britney’s story, but we definitely don’t know everything. This series is an in depth look at the way Britney has grown up under the lens of the media, been manufactured by the music industry and crumbled under the pressure placed on her to be perfect. The series offers a closer look at Britney’s life but looks at important questions about the society we live in that we all have a responsibility to consider.”

Everyone comes out in their own way, in their own time and the new ABC Podcast Innies + Outies covers stories from diverse LGBTQIA+ Australians about coming out or staying in.

Hosted by Walkley Award-winning journalist Mon Schafter (pictured), the ABC will launch this new podcast on National Coming Out Day, Monday 11 October 2021.

Mon says, “As a proud queer Australian, I’m so excited to share these incredible rich human stories and to provide a platform for LGBTQIA+ voices. Even though we live in a country that has marriage equality, coming out can still be the hardest or scariest experience of your life.”

Each episode of Innies + Outies is packed with life lessons for queer Australians and the people who love them.

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