The Good Sex Project returns for season 2

Award-winning Stuff podcast The Good Sex Project is back for a second season. After winning Gold at the New York Festival Radio Awards 2024 and being a two-time finalist at the NZ Radio and Podcast Awards, this season will be even more provocative, enlightening, and necessary.

Hosted by Melody Thomas, The Good Sex Project delves into the heart of what makes sex and relationships thrive. The first two episodes of season 2, It’s My Pleasure and Pleasure is Political are available now and have set the tone by exploring the essence of pleasure and its crucial role in our survival as a species.

Thomas said:

“As the world grapples with huge challenges, the pursuit of joy and pleasure can feel trivial. But pleasure improves cognitive function and creativity, and aids human connection. Considering some experts say loneliness can pose deadlier health risks than smoking, pleasure isn’t just desirable for humans – it’s vital.”

This season also takes a bold stance in examining the potential impacts of recent political activity and proposed rollbacks on sex, gender and relationships education, to help parents navigate these and more complex topics with their kids.

What to expect in season two:
● How to talk to your kids about porn: Navigate the complexities of modern parenting with expert advice.
● Sociological impacts on sexuality: Understand how issues like disability rights, colonisation, and trans safety affect sexual wellbeing.
● Long-term relationship intimacy: Practical tips for maintaining a happy, long sex life.
● Erotic media: Explore the ethics and consumption of erotic content.
● Menopause and perimenopause: How to survive – and thrive – during this time of change.
● Expert advice from researcher and author Emily Nagoski, intimacy coordinator Dr Ita O’Brien (Sex Education and Normal People), writer and broadcaster Yumi Stynes, psychologist Nic Beets, gynaecologist Dr Olivia Smart, and more

Chris Reed, Stuff Audio Executive Producer, said:

“The Good Sex Project continues to push boundaries and foster essential conversations. It is great to add the second season to Stuff’s diverse, market-leading portfolio of on-demand audio. Leveraging the reach and scale of Stuff will further The Good Sex Project’s legacy as a groundbreaking and inclusive platform for sex education.”

The Good Sex Project is on all major podcast platforms, with new episodes every Tuesday as well as bonus episodes too. It is a podcast by Stuff, produced by Popsock Media, sponsored by Hell Pizza and made with the support of NZ on Air, dedicated to normalising conversations about sex and relationships through expert insights and real-life stories.

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