The Voice Explained launched by iHeart and The Daily Aus ahead of referendum

The Daily Aus podcast alongside ARN’s iHeart have launched “The Voice Explained”, a one-week series explaining what Australians need to know to make an informed decision on voting day.

Host Tom Crowley, a The Daily Aus journalist, interviews big names in the Voice political landscape from both sides, a range First Nations voices, on-the-ground regional perspectives and an exclusive interview with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, where, via The Daily Aus, you will be able to put questions directly to the PM.


Monday 9 October, Part 1 – The Road to the Voice

What is the Voice and where did the idea come from? The Voice Explained starts right at the beginning, from the idea’s conception to the moment it landed on the political agenda.

Tuesday 10 October, Part 2 – The Politics

The voice referendum has seen political battle lines drawn between the Government and Opposition. But as the arguing amps up, it can be hard to hear clearly through the noise. This episode will unravel how an Indigenous Voice became a make or break for the Prime Minister, and what it will mean if it fails.

Wednesday 11 October, Part 3 – First Nations Voices

The Daily Aus goes on the road to speak with First Nations people across the country. Join Tom as he asks locals how they feel about the voice, and what it would mean in a town like Fitzroy Crossing.

Thursday 12 October, Part 4 – Extended Interview with the Prime Minister

An exclusive, extended version of The Daily Aus’s chat with the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Friday 13 October, Part 5 – FAQ

Answering listener’s frequently asked questions and explaining what you need to know to be informed on Referendum day.


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