The difference between a good and a great voiceover

The difference between a good voiceover and a great voiceover is actually a lot less than you might think.

When I’m talking with a would-be voice about how to get a start in the industry, I almost always tell them one thing…...

Don’t just read the script, really get inside the words and ‘sell’ it.

It’s only usually a small detail, a simple inflection or an emphasis on a particular phrase, but an experienced voiceover can really make scripts come to life, because they know how to get ‘inside’ the words.

Recording a great voiceover that conveys the emotion and ‘sell’ of a script, regardless of the style, is a real art and one that is usually only learned from years of practice. I’ve often found myself directing a voice and asking for multiple takes of one line, with very minute differences in how it’s read. It’s always when the voice is putting real meaning behind her words, when she is really ‘believing’ what she’s reading that you hear real magic.

And it’s interesting the scripts come our way on a daily basis that ask for ‘non radio-announcer style’ when requesting a voice. What the client is really saying is ‘I want a voice that really gets ‘inside’ the words, and really sells them, and not merely just reads the script before banging out the next.’

I’d love to hear from you on who you think are some of the best voiceovers in this country. They don’t need to be ‘big names’ – email links or demos to me – [email protected] – and in future blogs we’ll highlight some of the best.

The difference between a good voiceover and a great voiceover is often only very small. But it’s the small details, the nuances, the inflections, the ‘sell’ that really set great voices apart.

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