What’s the most outrageous thing a contestant’s done to win a prize on radio?

Would you call ‘outrageous’ Gladstone resident Brett Lynch’s stunt who this week tattooed the HOT FM logo on his bum along with the names of the breakfast hosts Karina and Mak to win Guns N’ Roses tickets? When the melody’s gone the tattoo will linger on. But while his wife, who didn’t know he’d done it til it was announced on-air, has been a really good sport, she may tire of the joke long after a few years. If that’s not outrageous, how about the infamous 2Day lie detector incident in which a 14 year old disclosed on-air that she had been raped when she was 12?

Let’s face it, outrageous stunts is what stations are aiming for, if not the outrage if it goes too far.

What is the most outrageous thing you’ve seen, or even heard about, that a contestant’s done to win a prize on Radio? Was it great radio or did it go too far?