You can’t fake real talent says Abe Udy

I was reading the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday and saw a review on a new mobile app, LaDiDa.  I quote…“Can’t carry a note? Neither can most pop stars. LaDiDa does its best to whip your tortured warbling into shape by making generous use of auto-tune, which is the same technology many pop stars rely on to sound halfway decent. You can choose different styles of music to accompany your singing, and share the results via Facebook, Twitter and email.”

Wow. $2.99 buys you talent that you can share with the world.

It got me thinking – you just can’t fake, or ‘manufacture’ real talent. When you hear a superbly delivered voiceover, or inspired production, or an announcer on-air who just ‘gets’ how to connect with her audience, it shows that all the audio processing in the world… all the sound effects ever recorded…. all the imaging ever produced can’t replace real talent.

You just can’t fake it!

As an industry, we need to invest in finding and developing talent – we can’t expect new technology and gadgets to make great content. We need to be continually investing in this, and striving to be better. If we don’t, our audience will look for entertainment (talent) in other places.

… but can someone quickly loan me some cash? I have some auto tune to take care of!



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