2SER getting the family back together for radiothon

After years of COVID restrictions, 2SER is getting back into the studios for their radiothon, the stations  biggest revenue raiser for the year, and they’re getting the family together in person.

From Oct 7 to 21 the station takes a break from regular programming to celebrate everything that makes 2SER great, the music, the talks and, most importantly, the 2SER family.

Under the theme of We Are Family, the station will be asking listeners and supporter to become financial subscribers or to donate.

2SER Breakfast presenter, Danny Chifley, says, ”Subscribers and donors are so important for the station – they help us maintain our independence and provide us with some stability in an ever-shifting cultural and economic environment.

“When sponsorship of events abruptly evaporated at the start of the pandemic, our subscribers helped us stay afloat. When lightning struck our antenna three years ago, our donors got us right back on air”, said Danny. “So we love our family and we’re really excited to be reconnecting again”

A highlight of Radiothon this year is 6 – 8pm weeknights where an array of 2SER family members will be coming into the studios live to play some tunes, talk 2SER and above all else, have some fun.

Former 2SER presenters Robbie Buck and Tracee Hutchison are coming back for a night each, as well as Sydney councillor, author and curator Jess Scully.

On the musical front Jodie Phillis of the Clouds, Peter “Blackie” Black from the Hard Ons and Bruno Brayovic of Peabody and Buddy Glass are also coming in to play some tunes and chat.

Plus comedian and actor Nina Oyama and a host of others will be spending an evening live in the 2SER studios between 6 and 8pm.

Chifley says, “We’re excited to have all these amazing people coming back to 2SER! It’s like a family reunion, only one where your family are all awesome and you really want to spend time talking to them.”

Radiothon 2022 wraps up with another 2SER family member, DJ Soup, doing a huge party mix from 6 – 10pm on Friday 21 October.

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