4BH transmitter update

Mark Spurway updated radioinfo on the latest progress towards restoring 4BH’s transmission facilities after the attack on the station’s main transmitter last month. The station has been operating at low power from an alternative site since then.

radioinfo: What’s the latest? Spurway: This week we have installed a new BE 2.5kw transmitter at our emergency site and made engineering improvements to the tower. This has given up much better reception. We have been granted a temporary 2kw omni licence by the ABA to transmit from our emergency site for the next 3 months. While this will not bring us up to the 5kw full power we require, the omni pattern will help offset the standard 5kw direction pattern we normally would use.

radioinfo: How is the reception now? Spurway: Having heard the station in various Brisbane locations this week I am confident the 4BH signal is now at an acceptable level heading into the last 2 surveys of the year. We still anticipate it will be another 3 months before the 4BH Wynnum towers are rebuilt.