6PR’s Basil Zempilas carries a copy of the radio ratings around with him

“I get my energy off other people, by talking to others. I’m a people person…
‘When you connect with the right sort of people it brings out the best in you,” 
Basil Zempilas told Gretel Killeen this week in her Handsom and Gretel podcast.
The 6PR breakfast co-host and tv personality had a wide ranging discussion with Killeen about work, family and feelings.
Asked about what he carries around in his bag, Zempilas listed “wallet, keys and a copy of the latest radio ratings.”
“It’s like a security blanket,” he told a surprised Killeen, who said that was the weirdest thing anyone had ever said when answering that question.
His Greek family background has been a big influence on Zempilas. He talked about the influence his mum and dad had on building his self confidence and the way he observed his older sisters and their families as role models.
Quoting Zorba the Greek, he spoke about how he aims to live a simple life. “I want nothing, I fear no one, I am free. The simpler the life the better.”
Beginning his career as a sports broadcaster, Zempilas has now broadened to general hosting roles, on 6PR breakfast with Steve Mills and as co-host of Seven’s Weekend Sunrise program with Monique Wright. After graduating from Murdoch University with a media degree Zempilas played 24 games with the West Perth football club before deciding on a full time media career.
Talking about the increasing number of women in sports broadcasting Zempilas said: “Its never a better time to be a female sports broadcaster. Females have brought a different perspective and style to sports broadcasting.”
What’s the secret of his success?
“I have a positivity… if something goes wrong it doesn’t bother me very much I just get on with it… it’s resilience,” he said.
His biggest weakness he admits is “not enough listening skills and lack of empathy.”
Gretel Killeen says her Handsom and Gretel podcasts are about looking for something “by examining life from a male perspective, to see life more simply, the way a man does.” With this in mind she probed ideas of self worth and how they link to your job.
“Work often is a thing that we nail ourselves to, especially in the media industry… work is going well so I’m going well. People in my field often relate how they are as a person directly to how their career is going…
“I get my energy off other people, by talking to others. I’m a people person. When you connect with the right sort of people it brings out the best in you,” he said.
The 47 year old Perth born Aussie with a Greek heritage is 6 foot five inches (195 cms) tall, has been married to Amy for 10 years and has 3 kids. He lived at home until he was 29.
He describes his life as “a professional itinerant, vagabond, broadcaster and sports broadcaster.”
Listen to the full podcast here



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