Acast offers podcast listeners more effective ads.

In a first for podcasting, Australian advertisers can now harness the power of their first-party data to create more effective campaigns.

Independent podcast company Acast has announced that advertisers can leverage their first-party data to target high-value audiences across the Acast Marketplace.

Australia’s Managing Director of Acast Henrik Isaksson (left) says “For the first time in podcast history, Australian advertisers can effectively use their first-party insights to serve more targeted, relevant and therefore more effective ads to podcast listeners.”

“Acast is proudly at the forefront of pioneering new ways to enhance listener experience as we drive monetisation opportunities for podcasters – this development is a huge milestone for our industry.”

Despite the immense value of first-party data, until now, brands have not had the ability to leverage these insights into podcast advertising due to the inherent scarcity of user identifier data signals across the medium.

Acast has developed an industry-first identity graph tailored for podcasting.

Through a combination of IP address and other unique listening consumption signals, the Acast identity graph will enable advertisers to onboard their own first-party data and to find and match their high-value audience segments across the Acast Marketplace, creating new ways to target relevant audiences who consume podcasts.

The new Acast identity graph and advertiser, first-party data onboarding solution, is now available in Acast’s Australian and US markets for direct and programmatic buys.

Acast’s first-party data solution comes to market as advertisers continue to prepare for the anticipated death of the cookie and restrictions on using mobile identifiers, which will require them to rely on their first-party data.

This solution is particularly well-timed for podcasting, as Wall Street analysts have recently projected the podcast advertising market to triple in value, reaching $6 billion by 2026.

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